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Hilltop Schools was established in 1992 on its purpose-built site at #2 Francis Ebule Close at Edjeba Area of Warri. Operations commenced at the school on 5th October 1992. By divine purpose, several years later the United Nations inaugurated 5th October as an annual International Teachers’ Day.

The school has created a niche for itself in Warri metropolis, where it is recognised for its high educational standard, academic excellence and moral discipline. Learners in Hilltop Schools are distinguished by their confident posture, which comes from high self-esteem of who they are, humility, respect and moral discipline. Teaching and non-teaching staff of the school are passionate and care for our learners, working closely with them, providing support to achieve their God-given potentials in life.

The Campus for the Nursery/Primary School has conducive and well-ventilated classrooms, computer room, assembly/conference hall, library, standard creche, playground, etc. Covid-19 protocols are being well implemented, with washing/sanitizing facilities at the campus entrance, social distancing, etc.

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Hilltop Schools, Edjeba Road
P.O. Box 3773, Warri, Nigeria

  • +234 (0) 803 711 9226

  • +234 (0) 803 711 9227
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